Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I Don't Blog Much Anymore

There was a time when I was very excited about blogging. Tara and I, between us, read several blogs per day and then discussed the contents with each other. It grew our marriage, you know.

Mostly I am not blogging right now (well, I am blogging right now, but you understand) because I have been dabbling in a friend's life who needs my help (and your help) and especially just God to work a few miracles. Since that has been heavy on my heart, and I can't really broadcast his struggles across the internet, I can't write about it.

Also I have discovered Facebook and been amazed to see how many people's lives I can now either observe or affect through this strange form of friendship.

I continue to work on my curriculum. Jason and Ashley met with me for lunch today, and we outlined our plan for the rest of the spring. It is going well so far.

Finally, it is the end of the quarter. Need I say more???

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Iron This One Out!

So we got our tax refund and have been busy stimulating the economy. My wife declared that one thing we needed was a new iron. Our last one I got "off a dead guy". (In my summer business, sometimes a job entails cleaning out a dead person's estate, and I often get to keep some of their possessions as part of the deal.) It is a nice iron, but of late it has begun leaking profusely while you are trying to iron. So I said, "Sure, go get one."

She brought home a lovely box with a picture of an iron on it. I opened the box. Sure enough, there was an iron inside. With retractable cord. Cool. But then I noticed some scratches on the face plate. Strange. I investigated a little further. There were calcium deposits inside the steam vents. I was a little disgusted, but I figured, oh well. Someone must have tried it out and then brought it back.

I plugged it in and nothing happened. This was disheartening. It was then that I noticed the brand of the iron was "Panasonic" and the box said "GE". Some dishonorable sap had apparently purchased a new GE iron, switched the irons, and then returned their damaged one in the new box and gotten their money back. Deceptive but effective.

Then I imagined going back to Wal-Mart and convincing them that I wasn't the one who switched the irons. How humiliating!

Well, my wife did the dirty work and she reports that no questions were asked. I guess it would take a lot of talent to concoct that scheme and then act like the one who's been swindled.

Stuff like this makes you pine for the good old days, whatever they were!!